Camping Valserine, located in the Natural Park of Haut-Jura , we love the proximity to nature.

In fact, the mountain offers us a daily show, different according to the seasons and the times of the day. The view of the Monts Jura reveals a whole world to explore, on foot, mountain bike, ski ... The Valserine, natural river, is sometimes quiet and peaceful or conversely, agitated by increasing its flow. It is also nice to go along the campsite or take the time to sit down to contemplate it.

If you walk around the campsite, you will enjoy all its trees and majestic fir trees. The flowers decide to show their colorful faces everywhere on the sites; so we prefer to mow grass late and benefit from this wild flora as much as possible.

This is why we are entering an eco-responsible approach.

But what does this approach represent? These are small everyday gestures that we try to change or improve. We suppress, for example, things that are not indispensable; like the straws of our drinks. We avoid as much as possible polluting our pretty nature of chemicals; thus the weeding is carried out by a "sweet, non-toxic salt potion".

In the same way, sanitary maintenance is disinfected and cleaned thanks to the "tricks of grandmothers" based on white vinegar, bicarbonate and essential oils. We also installed two comps, so that there is room for all our and your Oraganic waste. Still with this in mind, solar panels partially heat water sanitary.

If each one makes a little effort, as much as possible, we tend every day to an improvement.

During your stay, we would like you to add your little stone, by controlling your waste. We will be many, to stay in this peaceful place, and we all see, that the waste is inevitably numerous.

The future of camping is: to make you always more enjoy a little bit of scenery and new things.

Our first steps in this direction were the acquisition of Moutons de Soay, so that they take care, in part, of our green spaces. The installation of compasses, we also want to heart, to create the cycle, to give back to the earth, what she gave us. In 2019, we signed the refuge convention LPO (League of Protection of Birds) in favor of the biodivity and the protection of fauna and flora.

Meanwhile, so that Valserine remains this little jewel of purity and happiness , we count on you to take care of it

Through sorting, by collecting all its waste (paper, cigarette butts, excrement of animals ..), not wasting water or heating. And we especially wish you, to enjoy your loved ones, and the time that passes; to relax, to laugh, to bask, to daydream, ... To relax, simply.

                                                                                                                             A pleasure to receive you, Elise & Samuel