All about campingsite

2 Hectares ~ 66 pitches ~ 8 rentals ~ 2 sanitary blocks ~ 1 swimming pool ~ 1 Snack / Bar

Campsite labeled Values ​​Regional Natural Park of Haut-Jura since 2020

Here at Camping Le Valserine, located in the Haut-Jura Natural Park, we love the proximity to nature and the calm it provides.

The mountain offers us a daily spectacle, different according to the seasons and times of the day.

The view of the Haute Chaine du Jura reveals a whole world to us to explore, on foot, by mountain bike, by ski ... The Valserine, a natural river, is sometimes calm and peaceful or, conversely, agitated. It is also pleasant to walk along the campsite and take the time to sit down to contemplate it.

In the meantime, so that Valserine remains this little jewel of purity and happiness, we are counting on you to take care of it.

We wish you, to enjoy your loved ones and the time that passes; to relax, to laugh, to bask, to daydream, ... To recharge your batteries, quite simply.

  Looking forward to welcoming you,

                     Elise & Samuel


An eco-responsible approach

These are small everyday gestures that we try to change or improve without or with few constraints.

We limit our environmental impact:

    Weeding is done with the force of our hands
    Shearing is the mission of the sheep of Soay
    Compost: our land for flower boxes, 2m3 per year
    Waste sorting area, used batteries point
    Solar panels heat the water in the showers, reducing the reget by 2.5 tons of CO²
    Our cleaning products are eco-labeled
    100% of the lighting is low consumption or Led with movement detector
    The aisles of the campsite are not lit at night, to let you admire the stars and not disturb the nocturnal fauna
    Dead branches have a second life, by lining dead hedges
    A dry toilet at the swimming pool
    The pool water is heated by a heat pump, to a temperature between 24 and 27 ° C.
    We replaced the sand of the swimming pool filter with labeled eco-filtering glass, composed of recycled and polished glass beads (more filtering, better lifespan, less water consumption)

Likewise, sanitary maintenance is cleaned using "grandmothers' tips" based on white vinegar, bicarbonate and essential oils.

We favor short circuits, local and regional products and French manufacturers:

    The campsite shop offers local and artisanal products from the valley
    The majority of Snack products come from local producers (100% of cheeses)
    Our draft beer is made in the Valley
    Our website was created by a Chézerande webmaster
    The management of wifi networks was set up by a professional from the Valley
    The nomadic Snack arbor is made in Chamfromier, the neighboring village
    Our wooden display panels are made by a local craftsman
    Our mobile homes are made in our Auvergne Rhones Alpes region, 85% from French manufacturers