ECO-friendly campsite in Haut Jura

Campsite with small farm in the Haut Jura Natural Park


A change of scenery at the foot of the Monts Jura.

Our animals


Domestic sheep and mouflons

Soay and Cameroon mouflons
Sheep are used for eco-grazing.
This breed is a cousin of the wild sheep, it was introduced to the continent to graze pastures, parks and green areas.
At the campsite, they pull weeds, mow the law and entertain our guests.


We collect fresh eggs every day
The leader of the group always struts around and lounges in the dust, while the quieter one spends a long time in the henhouse…
No rooster on-site, for everyone's rest!


Watch them jumping, playing, cuddling… You'll find it hard to take your eyes off our long-eared friends.

The cat

Fleur is an angora cross maine coon. She is sweet, sociable, curious…everybody falls in love with it!!

Guinea Pigs

With their very own hairstyle, our little furry friends are a bit talkative, very playful but shy as well ... no doubt, you will fall for them!

Le bichon Malté et le bouvier Bernois

Maltese dog and Bernese Mountain Dog.
Fastoche has been a family member for 11 years, he likes cuddling in our lap!
Rajah has been looking after the animals since 2020.

The fauna of the campsite

Numerous species of birds, squirrels, bats ...
Keep one's eyes open, a robin is in the nestbox and a squirrel is trying to reach the crispy pine cone!
Some campers have even seen the fox and the golden eagles

The campsite ecological approaches


Everyday practices that we try to change or improve. with small or no constraints.
We prefer short circuits, local and regional products and French manufacturers.

Our commitments & Labels


LPO refuge

In 2019, we have signed the LPO refuge agreement (the largest environmental NGO in France), >with the commitment of preserving nature and improving biodiversity on our campsite.

Green Key label

On the strength of our values towards sustainable, ecologically virtuous and socially responsible tourism, we have been awarded by the Clef Verte label, the 1st ecolabel for accommodation and restaurants.

Label "Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura

In 2020, we were awarded the "Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park Values" label. This label meets a set of specifications covering 3 main themes:
Preservation of the environment - Human development - Local economy