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Chézery village 300m from the campsite


Chézery is a charming little village in the Ain department (01) in Auvergne ...
Rhône-Alpes region, crossed by the Valserine river (590m-1750m) and perched in the heart of the Haut-Jura Natural Park mountains.
You can go from the campsite to the village by walking along the Valserine river path.

The village of Chézery is the descendant of the Chézery abbey founded in 1140.
The Count Amédée III and twelve Cistercian monks from Fontenay were said to have founded it.
Nowadays, the village is well-known for Roland abbot who became a Saint and for the miracles of the holy fountain.

Unfortunately, the abbey was destroyed in 1793, some vestiges of the past are still there, such as the Auberge du Relais des Moines, the holy fountain... and the famous Bleu de Gex cheese

Fromagerie de l'Abbaye

Fromagerie de l'Abbaye

Chévrerie Bio de Noirecombe

The Chèvrerie de Noire Combe

Savonnerie Ferrone

Savonnerie Ferrone

Eglise St Roland

Local shops



Grocery shop Proxi Café des Ours

Benoit and Léonard grocery shop is open every day in the high season.


Bakery le P'tit Chézery

Enjoy breakfast eating butter pastries, such as the famous custard pie, or the P'tit Chézery, a french-style country bread .


Le Relais des Moines restaurant

Formerly an inn for pilgrims and travellers, this old building steeped in history still delights visitors with its dishes.
Site :

Restaurant chez Blanc

Chez Blanc restaurant

Run by the Blanc family for five generations, it offers fresh traditional food.


Garage Alex Auto

In case of a breakdown or other car problem, you will find the garage in the centre of the village.
There is a 24-hour fuel station as well.



Every morning from 9am to 12pmin the Town Hall (except Sundays), make grandparents happy by sending postcards!

The Valserine river

La Valserine, first wild river in France


The river Valserine is a tributary of the Rhône that flows for 48 kilometres.
It was given the Sensitive Natural Spaces label by the Ain Department as well as the first Wild River in France. The river made deep gorges in the limestone, giving rise to amazing natural sites. (pont du Diable, pont des Pierres, marmites de Géant, pertes de la Valserine …)

The Pertes de la Valserine

The Pertes de la Valserine (Losses of Valserine) are a series of ponors or swallow holes where the river vanishes completely into a cave.
It is one of the most visited sensitive natural places in the Ain department.

Fario trout fishing

The Valserine is the first river to be awarded "Wild River" in France, followed by the Vézeronce and the Dorches.
Enjoy Fario trout fishing next to the campsite whether you are an expert or a beginner.
Trout fishing is permitted respecting the regulations of the Valserine group.
In order to fish on the Valserine, Semine and Rhône rivers, you need a fishing licence available at the Proxi grocery shop in Chézery or on the federation's website: Federation fishing card.

La Cascade des Estrets

Beautiful waterfall in the heart of a preserved forest.
Estrets waterfall is about 1 hour walking from the campsite, if you feel like going further you can continue to the crêt de Chalam.

Crêt de Chalam

At 1545 meters above the sea level, Crêt de Chalam offers the most beautiful panorama of the Haut-Jura massif, a 360-degree view of the plateaus and ridges but also a part of the Alpine chain and the Mont-Blanc. How to get to Crêt de Chalam


The Terre de Valserine Tourist Office offers two great hikes to discover the treasures of our valley. Topo-guides are available at the campsite.

The Voie du Tram

The Tramway, disused in 1940, has been open since 1991 between Bellegarde and Chézer
This gently sloping path gives access to many sites, away from any car traffic.